Monday, August 17, 2009

Rocktail On

Last Saturday I was transported back to 1979 and found that David Bowie had invited me to a cocktail party.

Well, sort of, anyway.

My friend Candace, pictured here with me, has spent... well, I'm not sure how much time... putting together a fundraising party to benefit the initial film making ventures of her artist collaborative production company, Girl Wonder Athletic Productions. She's been working on it for at least as long as I've known her, which is about five and a half months. The theme of the affair was 1979 glam. In other words, the kind of cocktail party David Bowie likely would have thrown 30 years ago. Candace dubbed it the Experimental Art Rocktail Party, and it was a hoot and a half.

The party blended music and performance art with cocktails, snacks and some fabulous outfits. Two bands played, there was kissing booth (which I never saw anyone use, but it was there), and I got to sing with one of the bands.

I'm getting ahead of myself here, though. Let's go back to the outfits. And in my case, the make-up. You know it's a good party if you can wear gloriously long false eyelashes and have a make-up artist do your make up for you. At least I know that. Add pink go-go boots, over-sized accessories from H&M and a fabulous outfit from Piedmont on Haight Street, and frankly, the party starts the moment you look in a mirror.

It's funny. When Candace first mentioned this party to me, she asked me if I like to dress up. I answered yes, but I think the enthusiasm I discovered for putting together a look for myself surprised even me. Good times. Then there was the singing. Sometime in the spring, Candace made what could perhaps be called the mistake of suggesting that maybe I should perform at the party. It was a suggestion upon which I jumped immediately.

So it soon was decided I would sing two songs with NN, the second band of the evening. Given that David Bowie was throwing this party, at least in spirit, both of the bands did David Bowie covers, and I sang one of them. Well, technically I sang a Queen cover, "Under Pressure," but that's kind of a David Bowie song. I learned the Freddie Mercury part (not easy, I'll have you know), and Nero, the leader of NN, took on David Bowie's portion. I also got to sing one of my favorite songs, Blondie's "Dreaming," with NN backing me up. I have enough fun singing songs on my own, but when I looked at the crowd during "Dreaming" and saw what seemed like everyone singing along and dancing with complete abandon, that fun kicked into overdrive. I didn't write that song, obviously, but it still was super neat to see so many people digging it. Then we all danced our asses off to the styling of a very decent DJ once the live music was done.

All in all, the Experimental Art Rocktail Party was a smashing success. And my sister Fabulous Patti joined me for the fun, along with Kevin, Dima, Carolyn, Frances, Erin and Roland. Personally, I'm ready for the next party, but I bet after all that work and planning, Candace really needs a break. So I can be patient. After all, I still have the go-go boots.