Monday, July 26, 2010

Everything Good Happens at Madrone

I seriously have been meaning to update this space for weeks, but as you can see, I haven't. So here I am in L.A. trying to slap together a quick update before I go meet my friend Assaf for coffee. Given that I am pressed for time, I'll give you a visual recap of some of my recent adventures.

My friend Candace recently moved, at least temporarily, from the Bay Area to San Diego. To celebrate, she had a little gathering at Madrone in the Western Addition (or Nopa, as some now call that neighborhood). Madrone is one of my favorite bars in the City. I don't go there as often as I should, but I still love it. I know the owner, who is a super nice, super talented artist, and when he bought Madrone, he turned from a typical lounge into a mix of art, cocktails, music and culture. And it rocks. The above photo is of Candace and me enjoying ourselves the night of her Madrone shindig.

This summer I became obsessed with the World Cup, just as I did four years ago. It's not as much fun to watch the games alone, so many a weekend afternoon was spent with friends watching a match and then continuing to socialize afterward. On one particular Sunday, my friends Emily, Eric and I got together for the World Cup at Madrone, then went to another bar to watch the Giants game, then ended up singing songs all afternoon at the Mint, where this shot was taken. That's me and Emily, but not Eric. The man in the photo with us is Thomas; he became our friend for a few hours that day.

The following weekend, Andrew, Becka and I gathered once again at Madrone for an afternoon of World Cup, and afterward we snapped these lovely shots in Madrone's photo booth. Yes, Madrone has a photo booth; it is that good.

So that's all for now. Coming soon is Andrey's birthday in Vegas, my band's little show at Cafe Royale, and then Hawaii again in September. You should find updates here... that is if I can bother to keep the space current. Obviously, that's a challenge for me.