Thursday, May 05, 2011

Beaches, Bikinis and Sun Hats

Good evening, gentle readers. How has this week been treating you? To be honest, my life has been a bit of blur for the past 48 hours. Not only have I been settling back into my work routine, but I came home to a bit of a surprise. My landlord was having some work done on my bathroom while I was away, and it took longer than expected. So I have been living with no shower in my home for the past couple of days. It hasn't been the worst thing in the world, but it has meant showering at the gym, which did shake up my routine a bit. And I really only had half a bathroom, overall, as the work continued. Plus, there have been meetings to attend, errands to run and of course, that job I go to everyday.

Things are calming down, though. The meetings have been held; my bathroom is whole again; and the time has come to share some Hawaii pictures with you. Even though my camera died (okay, I killed it) several days before my vacation ended, I still managed to snap quite a few photos. So I'm going to split them between two posts. Consider this volume one.

Sunset at 30,000 feet (I took an evening flight to Honolulu).

Sparkly water at Ala Moana Beach.

Bikini and a sun hat. I look a little silly in this photo, but I was on the beach, so who cares?

Champagne hour. My mother, who you may remember lives in Honolulu, and I enjoyed champagne hour almost every day I was there.

Sailboat on Waikiki Bay.

Waikiki Beach. I stayed at my mother's place near Ala Moana for most of the week, but I spent a decent amount of time in Waikiki and stayed in a hotel there for a couple of nights.

I discovered a whole bunch of movie posters displayed on a semi-hidden side of a Waikiki hotel. I have no idea why they're there, nor do I know why I never noticed them before.

Waikiki as sunset approaches.

Oh, yes, of course there was karaoke.

That's all for now, gentle readers. Stay tuned for volume two. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. I'm attending a going-away party for my friend Denise tomorrow night, and then I plan to replicate my vacation by relaxing as much as possible.

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