Friday, May 13, 2011

Luck and Happiness

It is Friday, the 13th, gentle readers, and to many a superstitious person that means bad luck. Well, I say "phooey" to such a notion. Luck is in the eye of the beholder, and I choose to believe that my luck remains good on Friday, the 13th. Also, I believe we actually create a decent amount of the luck in our lives, but that's another story altogether.

You don't have to stretch too far to see the connection between luck (random luck or that which we create for ourselves) and happiness, and I have been thinking a lot about happiness today. I was in an inexplicably crabby mood yesterday, and today I am in an inexplicably excellent mood. Who knows, maybe it's the magic of Friday, the 13th. Regardless, my mood has me thinking about a lot of the things in life, big or small, that make me happy, including:

  • A job I enjoy so much that I never dread the start of the work week.
  • My singing habit. Singing is like a natural anti-depressant for me.
  • Nice men who politely compliment me on my appearance, energy, clothing choices, singing talent or whatever else. On Monday evening I was hit on by two different men within the span of about two minutes while on my way to my favorite karaoke bar. They were both so respectful and sweet that I was nothing but flattered. Take note gentlemen: if you actually behave like gentlemen, we'll enjoy it when you talk to us on the street.
  • Good books. I have mentioned many, many times on this space how much I love to read. And purchase books. Currently, I have Home Land by Sam Lipsyte in my purse. I'm only on chapter two, but so far it's freakish and entertaining.
  • Good snacks and sparkling water, especially Perrier, which I drink by the truckload.
  • Exercise, even if my daily runs are slowly but surely morphing into brisk walks spiced with a little bit of running. It's still exercise, though, and I still run/walk at least three miles to four miles.
  • Sleep.
  • My plans to see my all time favorite band perform live in both San Francisco and Los Angeles this summer. Talk about a summer of love.
  • San Francisco's music scene. There are always lots of club shows and something for everyone, whatever kind of music you enjoy.
  • Pretty dresses and high-heel shoes.
  • Baseball. Even when the Giants lose, as they did today.
  • San Francisco's many good bars and restaurants. I'm telling you, gentle readers, this city knows how to live.
  • Jon Hamm. No explanation necessary.
  • Lots of friends who love me, even when I'm feeling crabby.
  • Hawaii. I visit Diva Mommy in Hawaii twice a year, and when I'm at home, I take comfort in knowing its there.
  • Reruns of the original Beverly Hills, 90210 on cable. Oh, yes, I admit it.
Okay, I'll end my list here, although there are so many things in life that make me happy right now. I've made lists like this before; so if you're a regular reader of this little chronicle, I imagine nothing here surprises you. Except perhaps the 90210. Well, what can I say? I'm not ashamed that I enjoy reliving that moment in deliciously bad 1990's television.

(author's note: I am aware that by virtue of being a healthy woman living in the richest country in the world, I am able to take a lot of luck for granted. I had no control over where I was born, and I'm grateful for the random turns of fate that have given me much of the privilege I enjoy.)

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Around the Bay Gal said...

Aww, I'm sorry you were in a crabby mood on Thursday. Yet, you didn't even seem like it! I love this blog post! Can't wait until we cocktail next week. As of right now, all signs are pointing to yes.