Sunday, May 22, 2011

Party Picture Preview

I have a bunch of photos from two recent social events to share with you, gentle readers, but there has been a tiny snag. My mature and wise computer seems to be resisting my attempts to install the software for my new camera, so I have to download (or is it upload?) my photos another way. This problem will be solved easily once I procure a memory card reader; I just haven't done it yet. However, I can tease you with a couple of Megageddon photos that I borrowed from the pre-Judgment Day birthday girl herself, Megan.

Enjoy these for now, and rest assured that I'll have that card reader soon.

Megageddon was a sophisiticated affair held at Ozumo, a Japanese restaurant just off San Francisco's Embarcadero. Here are just a few of the guests in attendance.

Me and the Megageddon birthday girl. I figured that a soiree at a chic urban hot spot called me for me to dress as though I were attending a garden party in 1957.

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