Sunday, May 15, 2011

Knockout Friday Night

On Friday night, I met my friend Carolyn at one of my favorite San Francisco Haunts: the Knockout in the Mission. We had planned simply to chat and get caught up over cocktails and music (I hadn't seen Carolyn since her birthday party back in February), but then I arrived to the most wonderful surprise: happy hour karaoke!

The Knockout usually does karaoke on Monday nights, but this was a rare and completely unexpected (to me, anyway) Friday karaoke session. So I was able to start my evening by warbling a few songs on the Knockout stage. After the karaoke was done, I made the acquaintance of the evening's very nice DJ. I had gushed over his choice to play "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" by the Monkees, and he introduced himself to me. Any DJ who plays the Monkees is a friend of mine, so I made sure to sign up for his event email list.

Carolyn and I stayed for only one of the live bands on the bill that night before heading across the street for a late night snack of cheese pupusas. Before leaving, however, we had to make an appearance in the Knockout's photo booth. Of course. And by the way, the star of these photos is neither Carolyn nor myself, but Carolyn's dog, Widget. He was the star of the night, as well. Of course again.

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