Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Congratulations Denise

My friend Denise recently got a new fancy job in Los Angeles, and to celebrate, we all gathered at Jones in the Tenderloin last weekend to toast her fabulousness. While we certainly will miss Denise and her husband, Charlie, I for one, am psyched to have more friends to play with during the regular mini-vacations I take in the City of Angels. As for Jones, I'd never been there before and was pleased to discover that it's kind of a neat little nightspot. Unfortunately, we were there on a typically cold and windy San Francisco spring night and weren't able to take advantage of Jones' rooftop patio. Such is life, I suppose.

However, if having to enjoy our cocktails inside on a chilly night is our biggest problem, my friends and I have pretty wonderful lives.

I think this cocktail was falled the "Faint at Heart," or something like that. Whatever the name, it was delicious.

This sign cracked me up.

Me, Carla and Charlie. Carla's eyes are half closed here, but I think that makes her look sultry.

Bill, Julie, Irina and Jimmy. Irina was hiding behind Bill's beer on purpose; I have no idea why.

Charlie and Andrey looking like they're sipping milkshakes. However, those are cocktails.

Woman of the Hour Denise and me. I don't love this photo of me, but Denise looks good (even though she thought she looked drunk).

Kevin, Olena and a friend of theirs whose name I must confess I have forgotten. I had just met her that night.

Typical scene in my apartment at the end of the night: shoes kicked off in the middle of the floor. I do always put them away before I go to bed.

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