Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sexy Tambourine

That was the review one of my "band"mates gave my percussive styling tonight. I'm not sure how I made the tambourine sexy when my focus was on the rhythm of the song, but I guess some things just come naturally. Or something like that.

The good news is that tonight's rehearsal was not nearly as horrifying as last week. I still think we kind of suck, especially me, but had we been performing tonight, I wouldn't have died from embarrassment. That's always a good sign. I did let some of my fellow rock 'n' rollers know that I hate several of the songs we're performing. Okay, I told them I hate one of the songs; I figure it's better to ease them in. They were really surprised. To that I ask: how could anyone not hate that song? Let alone the two others I hate.

It's hard being an artist.

Sadly for me, what's even harder than being an artist is going back to work after four glorious days off. That's the challenge I face tomorrow. I have a feeling it's going to be a very long Friday.


terry said...

either that, or one of your bandmates is a perv....

let me guess who said that....

sexy tambourine. that's classic...!

not that you're not sexy. i'm not saying that at all. i just mean... well, you know what i mean...!

wendy said...

Having seen the video-I can wholeheartedly agree-SEXY TAMBOURINE!!!! I have just one teeny tiny criticism-WHY was there no Sassy Hair singing?!?!?!