Thursday, July 17, 2008

Headed For the Red Carpet

Every family has a star.

For many years I arrogantly assumed the star in my family to be me. Not that I'm famous or anything, but I figured my overall fabulousness makes me a star. Well, apparently, arrogance doesn't mean anything because my brother Michael took full control of the family star power this morning.

When he was nominated for an Emmy Award.

That's right, an Emmy. It's all thanks to the animated gentlemen pictured here. They are Phineas and Ferb, and my brother, along with two of his band mates, wrote the main theme music for their show. I have to admit, I'm a little confused because I just hopped on to the International Movie Database and the title sequence theme seems to be a song written and performed by Bowling For Soup. Bowling For Soup does perform the song but written by them?

I'm guessing that IMDB is wrong, but does it really matter? No. Bowling For Soup wasn't nominated for an Emmy, and my brother was! I have been basking in his reflected glory all day long.

I also already have begun lobbying to go to the ceremony. Of course, my brother's wife Maki might have other ideas about who gets to go to Emmys, and even if I get by her, I'll probably have to wrestle my sister for the honor.

Maki might be a problem, but my sister? I think I can take her.


dan povenmire said...

Yes, IMDB is wrong. As is most of the stuff on the internet. We wrote it, they just performed it. HOWEVER, Jaret from Bowling for Soup co wrote a longer version of the song that's been playing on Disney Radio so technically, your brother co-wrote a song with Bowling For Soup, too. Ahh, more reflected glory for you.

Dan Povenmire

Sassy Hair said...

Dan, you read my little blog?! Well, thanks for the clarification. Do I owe you money for using this picture of your characters?

terry said...

this.... is so cool!

fabulous patti said...

I can't believe you think you can take me! Yeah, well, we'll see.