Thursday, September 08, 2011

Another Day In Paradise

Greetings from the Hawaiian Islands, gentle readers. I am taking yet another holiday in Honolulu, as I tend to do.

I just arrived this morning, and I must say my mood improved exponentially the moment I stepped off the plane. I managed to bring a minor case of bronchitis with me this time (chronic health conditions are such a bore, believe me), but I'm confident that the warm tropical air will clear it up quite nicely.

I intend to spend the next eight days soaking up sun, reading novels, splashing around the Pacific Ocean (well, Waikiki Bay), visiting with Diva Mommy, sipping Mai Tai's and other tropical cocktails, and doing as much karaoke as possible, even with compromised lung capacity. I have every confidence that it will be a lovely time, as always.

Ooh, and my sister Fabulous Patti and I plan to attend the free Hawaii Five-0 season two premiere party on Saturday. We wandered by the series premiere party while we were visiting last September, and it was kind of fun. Now that I actually watch the show (oh, that's right), we may make an effort to get a seat where we actually can see the premiere. Or we'll just wander by again. Either way, it will be a little bit of Hollywood in Waikiki, and that's a winning combination, in my opinion.

I really want to know why life can't just be one constant vacation...

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