Thursday, October 04, 2007

Listen to the Rhythm of the Gentle Bossa Nova

Well, I'm happy to report that I've had a lovely weekend. That may seem like a weird sentence to write on a Thursday night, but you may recall, gentle readers, that my days off from work are Wednesday and Thursday. I work during everyone else's weekend.

Anyway, yesterday began with a trip to the gym, and then I met my friend Beth at Zeitgeist for a some daytime adult beverages. Beth was one of the first people I met when I moved here almost 11 years ago, but we're not terribly close friends, so I hardly ever see her. To that end, it was nice to get together over Anchor Steam and margaritas and get caught up.

After a lovely Zeitgeist afternoon, I went to Julie's Supper Club with Rosa last night for a little karaoke. However, much to my horror and dismay, there was no karaoke at Julie's last night. The humanity! I haven't been to Julie's since late July, so I guess I'm a little out of the loop where their karaoke schedule, or lack thereof, is concerned. Undaunted in our mission to sing songs, however, Rosa and I left Julie's and met Chris at Encore Karaoke.

What a nightmare. At first, anyway.

A bunch of drunken employees were having some kind of party there, and while I don't deny anyone the right to a good time, they were really annoying. And none of them could sing. The good news is that they left soon after our arrival, and things got much better. Rosa and I got to sing all the songs we wanted, and by and large, we did quite well. What was left of the crowd loved us, and we were even the subject of debate among some of the boys there. Chris had gone home, so Rosa and I just sat at a table together and cheered each other on (while quietly making fun of many of the other "singers" who took to the mic). That apparently lead a group of heterosexual boys who were with some gay boys to speculate as to whether or not Rosa and I were a couple. We know this because as we were leaving, one of the gay boys flat out asked us and explained who had been wondering.

Not to buy into or perpetuate any stereotypes, but neither Rosa nor I are particularly butch or dyke-like. We're both very feminine, girly, straight girls. Yes, there are plenty of feminine lesbians, but I, for one, don't usually wonder if two women like boys or each other unless there are obvious signs. So the speculation about our sexuality struck me as hysterical and like the ultimate male fantasy: "Ooh, they sing well and are pretty.... I wonder if they'll make out when they get home. At least I hope they will." My friend Jack has always said that in his book girls get two extra attractiveness points for being lesbians, and I'm beginning to wonder if that's a common opinion.

Boys are just silly. Especially the heterosexual ones.

It was also at karaoke that I "discovered" my new favorite song: "Downtown" by Petula Clark. Now, it's not as though I've never heard that song before. In fact, in the mid-90's I used to hear it all the time as part of my job, and I loved it then. I was reminded of it earlier this year when I interviewed Petula Clark, and I recently loaded it into my iPod. However, a woman (who could actually sing) sang it last night, and I sang along with her (quietly at my own table). That's when I realized "Downtown" is written in a good key for me and is very fun to sing.

These days my definition of "favorite song" is a song that I can sing and sing well. Not to mention that if you actually listen to the words of "Downtown," you'll discover it's just the happiest song ever. Or at least one of them. To that end, this afternoon I spent part of my singing lesson working on "Downtown," and it was so much fun. It has now been added to my own karaoke repertoire.

In addition to my singing lesson today, I spent a lovely couple of hours at the gym and then did a little window shopping. I'm looking for new shoes and dresses for the fall, but I want to know what I want to buy before I bust out the credit card. It was a much more mellow day than yesterday, but fun nonetheless.

Tomorrow my work week begins, but that's okay because tomorrow night is the Go-Go's show. Think of me at about 10 p.m., Pacific time. I'll be in new wave/punk/pop heaven.

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