Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm A Rockstar... Except When I'm Not

Let me be clear: by "rockstar" I do not mean a successful musician who tours the world playing arenas filled with thousands of adoring fans. No. I merely mean my ability to take my 39 year-old self and socialize like I'm 25. Or at least 35.

I was a total rockstar on Saturday when I went from a personal training session at the gym to lunch (cocktails included) with my friend April, to karaoke at the Mint with Maya and Natalie where I sang six songs and finally to an acoustic music show at Blue Six in the Mission with Candace and her friends. I even chatted briefly with a cute boy at the Blue Six show, but unfortunately, he was all of 23 or maybe 24. I'm not that kind of rockstar. When all was said and done, however, I got my workout in and then spent almost 12 full hours socializing without missing a beat.

I was also a rockstar last night at the McGrath's open mic in Alameda. My performance wasn't necessarily any better than anyone else's, although I did get a few compliments from total strangers. What made me a rockstar is that I sang despite a nasty case of bronchitis. Don't worry, I'm not contagious and was not poisoning any shared microphones. I've had a cold for about two and a half weeks now, and while it seemed to be getting much better, yesterday morning all signs pointed to it mutating into bronchitis. I got antibiotics in the afternoon, but then I found myself in a quandary since I, along with my Sober Nixon band mates, had planned to hit McGrath's and sing a few songs. Did I cancel, given my compromised lung function? Nope, not this rockstar. I wasn't stupid about the evening, mind you. I didn't drink and got home at a fairly decent hour, but bronchitis certainly wasn't going to stop me. Sick or not, I was able to power through three songs without so much as a hiccup, let alone a coughing fit. And I might even say I sang pretty well.

However, I have not fared so well in the hours since. Almost the instant I stepped off the McGrath's "stage," I succumbed to the coughing and wheezing. And then today, I was sent home from work after only two hours. How humiliating. Yes, you get the day off, but being sent home from work is its own walk of shame. Once home, I proceeded to sleep through the afternoon.

So at the end of the day, I guess this yet another of many indicators that I really am 39, not 25. Or 35. And I've learned that if I refuse to acknowledge that fact, a little bronchitis can always pop up to help me remember.

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