Saturday, June 04, 2011

Evening Song

Happy Saturday night, gentle readers. I hope you have had as a pleasant a day as I have. I slept in this morning, as I am known to do on weekends, and then snuggled comfortably under my comforter watching old "Sex and the City" episodes on DVD while some very rare June rain fell outside (it usually stops raining by late April or early May in San Francisco). I then spent a couple of hours chatting on the phone with my friend Jenny, whom I hadn't talked to in I don't know how long. Jenny and I used to take San Francisco by storm quite regularly, meeting boys and generally being fabulous gals about town, until she moved to Boston in 2003 to get a Masters degree. Once she finished that, she worked in Boston for a few years before migrating a few hundred miles south to work on her PhD at Johns Hopkins. Jenny is just a little bit smart.

This evening saw me singing a little number in an Evening of Song organized by a musician I know. It was kind of like a high school talent show, but for adults (mostly) and with more developed talent. I sang Matthew Sweet's "I've Been Waiting" (which Sober Nixon also covers, by the way), complete with back-up singers providing harmony. Other songs performed tonight included ditties by Burt Bacharach and Ashford and Simpson and several original pieces. My aunt and uncle drove up from Los Gatos to take in the show, and several of my friends came, as well. I felt quite supported, and I'm sure my mother would be at least a little bit happy I had a reason to go into a church.

After the songs had been sung, my friend Mary Beth and I went to Hukilau, a remarkably authentic Hawaiian restaurant nearby, for snacks and cocktails. In addition to our nibbles, we were able to enjoy more music as a couple of ukulele players entertained the crowd (along with one very awesome and precocious 7-year old on a couple of songs). So it really was an entire evening of song.

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