Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sunday Cocktails

My friend Christine and I have a little Sunday tradition: cocktails and conversation. The conversation usually revolves around boys, and the cocktails always are delicious. We're both busy girls, but we try to make time for a cocktail Sunday at least once a month. Once the imbibing is done and the giggling about whatever silly boys we're discussing has been exhausted, we end the evening with a little dinner.

This past Sunday, we hit one of my very favorite bars downtown, where we enjoyed drinks with names like Blushing Monk. Then we got fancy and treated ourselves to gourmet burgers at Burger Bar. It was all a delightfully yummy fun time, but would you expect anything less from the two of us?

Empty glass, sad face.

Big eyes, small sips.

The symbol of some mighty fine cheeseburgers.

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