Sunday, October 23, 2011

Parties, Parties Everywhere

The socializing that comes with living in a city as much fun as San Francisco has been in full swing as we settle into Autumn. The first few photos in this post, including the one above, are from my friend Charlie's birthday party back in mid-September. Yes, it has taken me more than a month to post them, but whatever. The last several pictures are from last night, when I met my high school friend Emily for dinner, who was in town from L.A. with her boyfriend Randy, who also went to our high school. I got together with them and some other high school alumni friends for a delicious mini-reunion on a super warm night. We were able to dine on the patio at Market Bar in Ferry Building without coats. Coat-free outdoor dining is practically unheard of in San Francisco, even in October, which is one of the "summer" months here. It was positively delightful.

In between Charlie's party and the outdoor dinner, I ran around L.A. for a couple of days, as you read about in my last post. After my trip, I returned home in time celebrate Frances' birthday at her a deep-fried turkey dinner party. There was also Chris' parents, poker and pizza party and, of course, lots and lots of singing.

Tonight I'm headed to Megan's pumpkin-carving party. I have no intention of actually carving a pumpkin, but I still appreciate a good soiree. I like to think of my lack of interest in carving as my own humanitarian effort to save the pumpkins!

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