Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Different Bunny Trail

If you're a regular reader of this tiny chronicle, you may be aware of my Easter tradition: brunch at the Rex Cafe in Russian Hill. I organized Easter brunch at the Rex for eleven straight years and had every intention of making this the twelfth when tragedy struck.

Okay, what struck was not exactly a tragedy, but it was disappointing. The Rex Cafe closed in early March, making Easter brunch there a tad difficult. So I gathered a bunch of family members and close friends and took my party to Bottle Cap in North Beach where we toasted the Easter Bunny (and Jesus, of course). Emboldened by the change of venue, I also got really crazy and turned the brunch into an early dinner. Actually, I did that because I had a voice lesson in the afternoon, but whatever.

Nothing in life is constant other than change, and even though I loved having a holiday tradition, we all had a fine and quite delicious Easter at the new restaurant. Maybe Bottle Cap will become a tradition, or perhaps we'll be nomadic Easter celebrants. Only time will tell.

Carla, Andrey and me looking lovely in our Easter finest (if I do say so, myself).

Some Easter partiers looking hungry. Don't you think?

Pretty ladies who dine.

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