Saturday, June 10, 2006

Eggs With A Side of Nudity

Today I took advantage of a rare Saturday off work and treated Terry to a glamour afternoon for her birthday. The anniversary of her birth is actually tomorrow, but I can't make the party, so the celebration of Terry begins now. We started with a delicious mimosa brunch at Bia's in the Haight. But as we were finishing our snacks and drinks, we noticed a caravan of about twenty naked bicyclists parading down Haight Street. While many of you who live elsewhere may think naked cyclists ride through San Francisco all the time, I have to say, save Bay To Breakers, I have never seen anything like this. In fact, I used to live in the Haight (okay, Cole Valley), and back then the man I dubbed the Rogue Hugger due to his drug-induced need to embrace strangers was as exciting as it got.

I will also add that what I saw today reminded me that all the penises I've seen by choice are really rather attractive. And clearly that's not always the case. Granted it was about 55 degrees this afternoon, but even so. I guess I have better taste in men than I thought.

After brunch and the freedom-from-clothing parade, Terry and I hit Lavande Nail Spa for luscious pedicures. All in all, an excellent Saturday afternoon, especially since I am usually holed up in a studio on weekends. Tonight I'm going with Gretchen and Paul to see their friend David's play at La Val's in Berkeley. I think the show is kind of an avant-garde music-theatre combination. I'll let you know how it is.

By the way, I know I haven't written about my adventures in almost a week, and for that I can offer no excuse other than laziness. So now let's back up a few days and get a little caught up. On Thursday I caught up with Daryl at Zeitgeist for his penultimate social gathering before the big move to Philly. Always fun, especially when Daryl told me he is teaching his creative writing students in Oakland the dance from "Thriller." Do you even know anyone who has learned the dance from "Thriller?" Frankly, I thought I didn't either, but where Daryl is concerned, I am never surprised. Then last night Emily, Jack and I met at Casanova for a week-ending cocktail. Luckily, I selected all my favorites from Casanova's free jukebox early because about an hour after we arrived the DJ showed up. He was doing well until he decided to spin selections from the likes of Billy Ocean and Loverboy. May I just say, ick. Casanova deserves better. But the bad soundtrack was tolerable for a while because we were delighting in the floor show being performed by the Mission-hipster mating crowd. One gentleman in particular tenaciously hit on two women despite the fact they were having none of it. We could do nothing but admire his persistence... and laugh heartily at him. It was kind of like watching a zoo exhibit: Wanna Be Player in his natural habitat. Once a bachelorette party arrived, however, we knew it was time to go. We have our limits.

Hey, guess what?!? Just seconds ago I found out that my friend Omar got engaged! He's another friend I've known for twenty-five years, and a few years ago he told me he often dated women he wasn't crazy about just to be with someone. But I know he is head over heels for his fiancee, so this is an excellent development. Yay!!!


terry said...

just the title of this post made me laugh.

i heart this city.

and thanks again for a delightful afternoon!!

fabulous patti said...

Omar engaged! Is this the woman he's going to South America with to live? Anyway, it's good he's got out of Baltimore.