Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Joys of Job Satisfaction

My job is not perfect, not even close. But here is reason number 517 why I love it.

Yesterday, my employer dispatched me to the Steps of Rome cafe in North Beach for the World Cup soccer match between the United States and Italy. Yes, it was obscenely crowded, and because I was working, I had to turn down a genuinely nice gentleman's offer to buy me a Peroni when I arrived. But I got to spend two and a half hours amongst wall to wall passionate and... well, I'll just say it... hot soccer fans. What a pleasant discovery that men who follow this sport are so easy on the eyes. Or at least the ones following it in North Beach yesterday were. And lest you think I am so superficial that I was only interested in the eye candy, the game was terrific. I'm not a huge futbol fan, but that match had me on the edge of my (metaphoric since I didn't actually have one) seat.

After the game I was supposed to take in the North Beach Festival for work as well, but something came up, and I was instead sent to Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente's house. In case you were wondering, he has a very nice backyard deck.

And to think I get paid for this stuff.


Michael B said...

thanks for the lovely compliment! I follow "football" like a maniac. does that make me even hotter?

Duck said...

I'm excited to hear this, because my friends and I have been trying to figure out where the good-looking men hang out. Soccer seems preferable to NASCAR, so thanks for the idea.

I'm curious, though: did you manage to catch the attention of any of these hot, passionate men, or were they too focused on the game? I find it's hard to pry their eyes away from the TV, unless you're holding a cold beer between your breasts or something.