Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rock and Roll Christmas Spirit

While the holiday season is still flying by way too fast for my taste, at least I'm starting to get into the spirit a little. I had the greatest day at work today, and it started with a visit from my Secret Santa. Last night I donned my own Santa cap and went shopping for the co-worker whose name I drew. After stealthily depositing a gift for that person this morning, I saw a goody in my own mail box.

Do you know what it was? Cash!!! $7 to be precise.

That's right, just like our grandmothers used to send us for Christmas when we were, like, 8 years old. But this cash came with instructions. I was informed that it was to be used to purchase myself a holiday cocktail to get my festive mood on. Secret Santa went on to explain that the magic to make a freshly poured cocktail appear in my mailbox at work has yet to be invented because the cocktail would spill. Plus, it is, of course, against the rules.

I have the best Secret Santa ever.

After that, I joined half of my fake bandmates to record a holiday greeting for work. We do that every year. Not the fake band, necessarily, because we have only existed for a few months. But we employees do record holiday greetings every year. Yes, we're geeks, but we know that already. Anyway, my fake band played and sang a version of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" with specifically tailored lyrics written by Doug. In general, I hate that sadistic little song, but Doug's lyrics were very cute. And besides, any day that I get to sing at work is a good day.

Also, my fake band is going to play at our company Christmas party next week. How fun is that?!? It's extra fun because the party will be at Bimbo's. Who thought I'd ever sing on that stage? Certainly not me. There is a little drama in the fake band because one of the members has developed a seriously over-inflated ego. Or he's always had one and is just now letting us see it. Anyway, it's annoying everyone. Well, maybe it's just annoying me. It's not worth being annoyed, though, so I'm just going to try to look at his attitude as great fodder for our Behind the Music episode.

At this point I bet you're wondering if I actually did any work while at work today. Well, in fact, I did. First I had to go look at a really icky car accident in the Mission. Luckily for me all the injured people had been taken away before I got there. Without them, it was actually kind of cool. A mini-van had flipped over and landed in a heap of twisted metal on top of two parked cars.

Okay, it probably wasn't too cool for the people who got hurt in the crash. Nor was it cool for the owners of the innocent parked cars. I'd say they probably had a pretty bad day.

Later, I went to Berkeley to meet a realtor who is posting video tours of the homes she's selling on YouTube. She was nice, plus her workplace is right above a bakery, so I got to pick up snacks for my drive back to the City. Yes, these are the kinds of things I do for work.

Unfortunately, despite my heightened spirit, I still have yet to start my Christmas cards. This is bad. My friends really aren't going to get holiday greetings from me until February.

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Laura said...

what a cute secret santa gift...yeah, today I went to Nordstrom rack and the new gap outlet in san leandro to do some christmas shopping; i ended up spending a good portion of the money i meant for gifts on myself. BUT, BUT, BUT, they had the cutest clothes at gap for SOOO CHEAP. I got these soft, long sleeved shirts for ONLY seven bucks each. Originally, fifteen dollars each. So, you know, at least I am supporting the economy instead of giving gifts.