Sunday, December 10, 2006

Speeding Through December

As I've mentioned before on this space, in my opinion, this really is the most the wonderful time of the year. But somehow... I feel like I'm missing it this year.

How can this be happening?

My apartment is decked out in true Christmas glory. I've been singing along with all the finest holiday music. And most importantly, I'm making plans to celebrate my Favorite Day of the Year: my birthday (that's December 21st, in case you were wondering). But somehow I'm not feeling the spirit or the love.

I'm crabby about some things at work, and that doesn't help. It's not important what those things are, and I refuse to give them power by writing about them. I really like my job, too, making these irritations even more frustrating.

But what concerns me most is that it's already mid-December!!! My favorite time of year is passing me by, and I'm not even reveling in it. I'm also terribly behind on my Christmas cards. As in, I haven't even started writing them yet. At this rate, 100 of my closest friends will receive holiday greetings from me in mid-February.

I have to pull myself together. That's all there is to it.

Well, at least we're doing Secret Santa at work, and I'm very excited about that. Last year I was Angela's Secret Santa, and I had the best time getting presents for her. I got her some baby stuff (she was pregnant at the time); I made her a CD featuring holiday songs and excellent local music; and for the final gift, I got her some of those cool latte bowls from Anthropologie. Gee, I hope I pick Angela's name again. She's super fun to shop for.

Okay, my Christmas spirit is starting to pick up a tiny bit. Let's just hope it's in full swing by the 25th...


Angela said...

pick me pick me! can we rig the drawing so you get me again? you are the greatest secret santa ever!

terry said...

this happens to me every year... the season speeding by while i'm ailing.

but you, missy, have a birthday to celebrate! so get cracking on the festive spirit!

that's an order!

Laura said...

yeah, angela is fun to shop for. haha wait, whaaa?? I have never shopped to get her something. But, I can see how she is. Don't be anxious about feeling the holiday spirit. That will only make it harder to relax, and enjoy this wonderful time of year. Your birthday is so soon!! Oh gosh, how jealous I am of your apartment. I wish this house was full of decorations. But I am the only christmas junkie in this house, so its hard to decorate. Yeah, I am all into the holidays too. I get high off the scent of a christmas tree!