Sunday, December 17, 2006

Santa Sleuthing

I think I know who my Secret Santa at work is.

I'm actually a little embarrassed because I gushed about my holiday cocktail present to this person before processing the fact that he or she might be my secret benefactor. Well, if I'm right, at least my Secret Santa knows I was impressed with the first gift.

Whether I accurately have identified my personal Claus or not, I have received another excellent goodie. You see, my Secret Santa seems to know me pretty well. Not only did Santa know how much I would enjoy a fresh cocktail for the Christmas season, but he or she also is aware that I appreciate the occasional trashy magazine. A girl can't live on Vanity Fair and Entertainment Weekly alone, so I devoured the Star (that's right) left for me last night. Santa also left chocolates for me to munch on once I digested the ridiculous Hollywood gossip Star had to offer.

All in all, I'd say that was a pretty fun gift. Thanks, Santa!

This weekend I dove into my Christmas cards, and I am happy to report that I am about 2/3 done! I have written just over 50, and I probably have 25 to 30 more to go. I'm sending slightly fewer this year in part because I've truly fallen out of touch with some people, and in part because I've waited so long that I just don't have time to send as many as I usually do. What can I say; I'm usually much more on the ball with this project.

Tomorrow I brave the line at the post office for stamps. I imagine I have no hope of getting holiday stamps at this point unless I want the super religious ones or the Kwanzaa stamps. I'm thinking not so much on either count, so I'll probably see if the post office has any super hero stamps left (I got some of those in late October, and they're really fun). Otherwise it's plain old American flags on all my Christmas cards.

Believe it or not, my life has not been all about Christmas this weekend. On Friday night I met Tom, Ann Marie, Paul and Elizabeth at the Fillmore for the DeVotchka show. I've written about the brilliance that is DeVotchka on this space before, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed on Friday. My disappointment is due to no fault of the band; it's just that I'd gotten used to seeing them in venues much smaller than the Fillmore. The larger stage seemed to swallow them whole, and they added some weird dancers to the show who did nothing for me. I must admit, I never thought I'd come to think of the Fillmore as too large, but small clubs are just so much better.

And finally, I must thank Terry for admitting her "dirty old woman" tendencies by writing today on her blog about a flirtatious young grocery clerk she knows. Apparently she flirts back with him even though he's only in college. I bring this up because these days I find myself attracted to a 23-year old lad. Now, luckily for me, said boy (and I mean boy) is not available, which is a good thing because every time I think about how young he is I get a little grossed out. I mean, he was in grammar school when I graduated from college. Can you say ick??!!! He is awfully cute, though. Hee, hee....

It looks like I'm a dirty old woman, too.


terry said...

dirty old women unite!

it's all in good fun. i could never go there in reality.

i think.

Laura said...

haha, than i am a dirty little woman.
or something.
cuz i like way older guys.
at least you have a secret santa. my mom was talking to dory when she wrote down her name for the secret santa thing and accidently wrote dory's name.
so now doryhas two secret santas and my mom has none. HA
I love star magazine so much, it is embarassing. That shit is better than a big greasy cheeseburger, though sometimes.