Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hooray For Hollywood

Okay, so I haven't been to Hollywood on this trip, but "Hooray for Los Feliz" doesn't sound quite as glamorous. Nor does "Hooray for Anaheim," to say the least. Anyway, here's a little recap of how I have spent the first 32 hours or so of my mini-vacation.

1. Patronized the Los Feliz Pinkberry twice already. What is Pinkberry, you may ask? Well, it's a new low calorie, nonfat frozen dessert that is apparently, according to its website, only available in New York and Los Angeles. They call it frozen yogurt, but it tastes more like, quoting Fabulous Patti here, "a creamier version of sherbet." I've had it with strawberries, kiwi and bananas on top, as well as Cocoa Pebbles. Yummy.

2. Gone running through Los Feliz while being careful not to run too far up Hollywood Boulevard. Because who knows where that will lead me.

3. On Phil's recommendation, had dinner last night at the Rustic Canyon, a wine bar in Santa Monica. The wine was delicious, and as for the dining experience... I have four words for you: rocky road bread pudding. Do you really need to know anything else?

4. Had dinner tonight at the Dresden Room Restaurant while Marty and Elaine serenaded the crowd on the other side of the wall in the lounge. It was so very old-school Hollywood, I expected William Holden and Lana Turner to walk in at any moment. For the record, if you don't know who Marty and Elaine are, stop reading this blog and see Swingers immediately.

5. Taken the Los Angeles Metro. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but to a girl who grew up in the Driving Capital of the Universe, accessible public transit in this town is momentous. And the Metro here is very clean and polite. Probably because it's relatively new.

6. Worshipped at the home of the Mouse: Disneyland. My friend Gabriella and I spent this afternoon in the Magic Kingdom, and it was wonderful. For one thing, there were no lines, whatsoever. We never had to wait more than maybe ten minutes for a ride, and on some rides, like the Indiana Jones one, we basically walked right on. Add some cotton candy, which we did, and you have a perfect theme park day. By the way, if you're thinking, "Hey, they've made a couple of very successful movies based on Pirates of the Caribbean. I wonder if they've altered the ride to reflect that," the answer would be yes. A Johnny Depp replica pirate is now featured in the famous attraction, immortalizing the actor for generations to come. Who'd have thought that when 21 Jump Street premiered 20 years ago?

So far, it's been such a lovely mini-vacation, I'm already planning my next Los Angeles sojourn. However, this one isn't over yet. I'm going to hang out with my tv/movie star friend Assaf tomorrow, and then there's the all-alumni reunion at my high school on Saturday. I'll definitely keep you posted as to how that goes...

********EDITED ON SATURDAY, MAY 12th TO ADD********
So as it turns out, I did go to Hollywood on Friday. Twice, in fact. Thus making the title of this post accurate. Although Hollywood is a pretty scummy place; at least parts of it are. And it's way too touristy. But what are you gonna do? I'm the girl who jogs through Fisherman's Wharf five days a week.

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