Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sly Stone Would Be Proud

Because it was a sassy family affair at lunchtime today.

My uncle Kevin is in town from Rochester; so I met him and my Aunt Mary and Uncle David (they live here) for an early lunch at the Ferry Building this morning. As we were waiting for The Slanted Door to open, we decided to pose in front of the Bay. That's me with Mary and Kevin. Then, at about 11:04, the host unlocked the door, and we poured, alongside about eight other people who had been waiting with their faces pressed against the glass, into The Slanted Door for snacks.

Can you say yum? We had Shaking Beef, Lemongrass Tofu and Five-Spice Grilled Chicken. Mary, David and Kevin also shared a bottle of Cab Franc, but I had to work, so I had lemonade. If you've been to The Slanted Door, you know how delicious it was. I still miss The Slanted Door's old location in The Mission, but I'm okay with enjoying a bay view while I savor my beef and tofu.

I spend a lot more time with my friends, and in a lot of ways I'm a very independent person, but there is something wonderful about family. Nothing compares to the often dysfunctional bonds created by insane people thrown together at the whim of the universe. Family also serves as a little glimpse of the past and a nice reminder of the factors that made me... well, me.

That can either be comforting or scary, and I choose to see it as comforting.

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