Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Out of The Frying Pan And Into the Fire

So today was a mildly stressful day at work. To begin with, I was doing my least favorite part of my job. The fact that it was incredibly busy was just an added bonus. It was just a treat, let me tell you. I like my job very much, but days like today really test that affection.

So it's a really good thing I'm going on my mini-vacation, right?

Well, except that Los Angeles seems to be on fire. Specifically, the part of Los Angeles where I will be staying. My sister, Fabulous Patti, lives in Los Feliz, just a cozy distance from Griffith Park, where a lovely brush fire continues to burn. When I talked to Fabulous Patti tonight, she actually was packing some things, should she be forced to evacuate. As this evening wore on, however, FP became more and more convinced that she would not have to evacuate. Let's hope that holds.

I certainly would hate for my sister's apartment to be reduced to just a single ash.

Assuming the city is not all burned up when I get there, I have a fun few days planned. I intend to go to the Dresden Room and a wine bar in Santa Monica that my friend Phil recommended. I'm going to try to see my friend Assaf, whom I missed the last time I was in L.A. And of course, I have the event at my high school on Saturday night. It should be nothing short of delightful to get all dressed up and have a little visit with my past.

Perhaps the best part of my vacation, however, will be the little trip my friend Gabriella and I are taking to Disneyland on Thursday! I've known Gabriella for 30 (!) years, but she and I haven't been to Disneyland together since 5th grade. It is definitely time to call on the Magic Kingdom again.

Can you tell I'm looking forward to getting away?

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