Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dance Party USA

Little did Chris, Tom, Andrey, Angela, Joey, Phil, Terry and I know when we gathered at the Attic last night, we soon would find ourselves in the middle of an out and out dance party. I'm not talking a few folks bopping to the music over their cocktails. I mean clothing layers thrown aside, beers ignored and abandon embraced as people shook their groove things and got waaay down.

Even though I have proclaimed the Attic to be one of my favorite bars these days, I am still a newbie there. It's my understanding that they have DJ's every night of the week, and I am learning just how varied the music styles spun by these mad turntable scientists can be. When my friends and I began to trickle in at about 8:00, the man providing the music was playing indie rock tunes seeming to befit a semi-dive bar in the Mission. It was the perfect soundtrack for our imbibing and chatting.

However, a couple of hours later, after several of us went on a much-needed burrito run, the beat had changed, and what there is of a makeshift dance floor had come alive. The music was a mix of cool classic soul played alongside awful top 40 and techno/disco. It was all just so oddly schizophrenic: I'd be enjoying one song only to have my buzz killed by the next. However, the hipster version of American Bandstand taking over the place didn't care in the least. The crowd was loving every note and eating it all up. Even if I didn't dance, myself, or particularly like the music, the energy of the place was pretty great.

So a few cheesy songs hasn't dampened my Attic love, and it's good to know that a relatively small, dark bar can turn into a buzzing discotheque at a moment's notice.

This afternoon I went to Berkeley to rehearse with Rosa and Jackie for the upcoming Sub Rosas show. Things are coming along, but suffice it to say, I'm quite glad the show isn't happening for a few weeks.

This is why we practice.

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