Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hold 'Em For Charity

Friday was my dear friend Chris' 37th birthday, and to celebrate, he invited a gaggle of us to a charity poker tournament yesterday afternoon to benefit Bay Area Theatre Sports (or BATS), an improvisation troupe and school that Chris works for and performs with. In fact, he's performing tonight as host of "The Blank Show", should you be in San Francisco this evening looking for some fabulous entertainment.

As for the poker tournament, I didn't play very well for the first couple of hours, but toward then end, I had a phenomenal run that brought me back from the near-dead multiple times and almost landed me a place at the final table. Almost. The final table had nine seats, and I came in tenth in the tournament.

After all the poker was done, a bunch of us scooted across town for cocktails. The bar we chose was down the block from my favorite karaoke den; so I also was able to squeeze in a little singing, as well. My friend Pat had never seen me sing before, so I chose one of my go-two numbers, "Son of a Preacher Man". I think Pat was duly impressed, even though I believe I may have been a little sharp on the bridge last night. Ah, well, it was still totally fun.

All in all, it was a lovely Saturday. I highly recommend spending an afternoon playing cards with friends followed by a little karaoke in the evening, if you can swing it.

Some of the players and spectators during a break in the action.

Happy birthday, Chris!

The birthday boy expertly tackles 37 candles.

This was one of my best hands of the tournament. I got a flush, which beat my opponent's two pair of aces and kings. If you know anything about Texas Hold 'Em, you can see that the other player had secured his two pair after the flop, while my flush materialized at the very end of the hand. It was an amazing moment and amazing win.

Is it a salad? Is it a cocktail? No one was really certain.

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