Sunday, January 01, 2012

We Are the Champions

Welcome to 2012, gentle readers! The sun is shining in San Francisco this afternoon, and since it is Sunday, I have the day completely to myself, if I choose. And that's what I have chosen. Aside from exercise (which I treat myself to every day) and one errand, there is nothing that I have to do today and nowhere I have to be. How blissful.

Last night I rang in twenty-one-two at my friend Frances' New Year's Eve party. I've been a little over New Year's Eve for the past few years since it really is amateur night, so I've taken to threatening to stay home every year. Somehow, it never works out that way, however, and last night's party was perfect. Even though Frances lives across town, her house is a very easy bus ride from my apartment. The bus line I take to get there picks me up two blocks from my front door and drops me off across the street from Frances' door. Plus, every New Year's Eve MUNI (San Francisco's public transit system) runs free of charge. So I walked out of my apartment with Domaine Carneros sparkling wine in hand at about 9:30 p.m. on December 31, 2011, welcomed the new year, and was safely back inside my cozy abode by about 1 a.m. on January 1, 2012. I didn't overindulge in any food or beverages; I wasn't bombarded by too many others who had on my way home; and today I feel rested and optimistic.

Plus, "We Are the Champions" by Queen was the song all of us at the party celebrated with just after the clock struck midnight (after "Auld Lange Syne", of course). That tune's rallying cry of high self esteem bodes well for the next twelve months, if you ask me.

Midnight. Happy New Year!

(Most of the photos in this post taken by me, but a couple appear courtesy of the lovely Katya.)


javaughn renee said...

Happy New Year! We need to talk again about how you "treat" yourself to exercise every day!

Kiiiim said...

Amazing NYE pictures... So fun! Btw, a glass of champagne always comes to mind whenever Xtine mentions you. Don't ask why.