Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Break

Remember college when we would get a month-long break between the fall and spring semesters? Winter break, as it was and I assume still is called, was the perfect time to celebrate the holidays, pick up a job to make a little extra tuition money, or just rejuvenate. Those were the days, weren't they?

Well, the holidays have passed, and I'm not taking an entire month off, but I am about to indulge in a little winter break of my own. In an effort to break up the ennui that, in my opinion, usually holds a death grip on January and February, I booked a vacation. Tonight I'm headed down to L.A. for the weekend. This actually was a late addition to my winter vacation. My high school is having a special luncheon tomorrow, and I decided to fly down and attend. Why not? It's winter break, after all.

A few days later, I'm off to Honolulu to visit Diva Mommy and lay on Waikiki Beach. I have never been to Hawaii in the winter, but back in November I stumbled upon a great airfare, so I figured why not go? This means I potentially will be taking three trips to Hawaii this year (assuming I don't run out of money, vacation days or both). That's a lot of tropical beach time, but I think I can handle it.

Watch this space for winter break photos and updates.

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Kiiiim said...

Omg, Hawaii sounds so good right now. Can't wait to see the pictures!