Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Saturday

This is what San Francisco looks like in January.

We in the Bay Area have had one very mild and very dry winter so far, gentle readers. No one will be too happy about it come summertime when the state's farms need water and all of us residents are, well, thirsty, but for now, it's quite lovely. Some rain is expected next week, but this particular Saturday afternoon featured abundant sunshine and temperatures in the 60's.

I took advantage of the gorgeous day and did some shopping on a journey that took me from Russian Hill for running shoes to Union Square for pajamas and a little Chanel No. 5. I walked from Russian Hill to Union Square, stopping several times along the way to poke my head into crowded bars to check the score of the 49-ers/Saints game. I have to say, gentle readers, that even though I don't like football one bit, even I found this game (what I saw of it) to be exciting. When all was said and done, the 49-ers had won in the last minutes, and San Francisco had a big collective smile on it's face.

I also snapped a few photos to give you an idea of how beautiful the City is right now. We'll get our rain eventually; I know I can be patient and wait.

Best name for a bar ever. This is a new (relatively, at least) establishment on California Street.

The setting sun bathes Nob Hill...

...and Grace Cathedral atop it.

Union Square at dusk.

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