Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Glamour Lunch

The glamour lunch is the close, but much more fashionable cousin of the power lunch.

The fog has returned, so this afternoon my friend Katie and I sought out some of the few San Francisco blocks soaked in sunshine and met at Market Bar for lunch. Of course we wanted to dine outside, but even we were surprised to find ourselves seated at a coveted table alongside the promenade in front of the restaurant. Even the most seasoned of socialites yearn for a table like this. There we feasted on burgers and beer (Anchor Steam for Katie, Chimay for me) while chatting and watching the parade of joggers, tourists and dogs pass by. Katie and I work for the same company, so most of our conversation was shop talk. But ours is, overall, a very good professional life, making the shop talk mighty enjoyable.

After lunch, I popped inside the Ferry Building to pick up three of those delicious French macaroons from Miette and then climbed aboard MUNI, which handily took me to the Lower Haight. Once there I perused stacks and stacks of actual vinyl at an incredibly nifty little record store. Macy's was my next destination where I purchased bath rugs and face cleanser. I have finally given in to the great dissatisfaction I have felt for the undersized, ghetto Target bath mats I bought four and a half years ago. It was tremendously liberating to realize I could just buy new ones. And to make a good day even better, while purchasing my face cleanser I got the fine surprise of a gift with purchase at the Lancome counter. The gift even includes sunglasses (!) which look disturbingly like a pair of vintage Dolce and Gabbana glasses I dropped far too much money on a few weeks ago. Had I but held out for the Lancome counter.

And now I have a short respite at home before Terry collects me for another evening of fine theatre in Berkeley. As Calvin so keenly said to Hobbes on their delineated pages more than a decade ago: "The days are just packed."

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