Sunday, March 09, 2008

Music, Movies and a Cooking Class

I don't cook. Proudly.

I imagine I could be a very good cook, but honestly, I just have no interest. People tell me I probably don't cook because I'm single; you know, it's no fun to cook only for yourself, etc. However, I suspect that even when I get married, we'll be eating out. Unless my husband cooks. I could be wrong, but that's my current prediction. I know how to make about three dishes quite well, and that's sustained me throughout my adulthood so far.

That said, somehow, last Thursday night, I found myself at a Brown alumni event that involved cooking. It was a Parties That Cook evening at Sur La Table, and a bunch of us Brown alums paid to drink wine while learning new recipes. Some of the dishes sounded fancy, some not so much, but when all was said and done, everything was delicious.

I attended this little cooking extravaganza with Paul, Denise, Jim and Molly, but I also ran into Mehul there. Mehul and I knew each other at Brown but haven't seen each other since we graduated in 1992. And neither of us knew the other lives in San Francisco. So even if I never cook again, I'd say running into him 16 years later was worth the price of the class/party.

After our culinary adventures, Denise and I went to the House of Shields to see my friend Pat Johnson play. Pat still insists that I am his only fan. I, in turn, still doubt that assertion, but I was certainly his fan with the most stamina that night. Pat played for two full hours, and I was there for virtually the entire set. Other fans came and went, but Pat had my attention the whole time. He's a pretty talented guy; so I'm happy to be his fan. But I'm totally not the only one.

In other news, I believe I have mentioned that I'm incredibly lazy about seeing movies. I rarely set foot in movie theatres, and I don't even rent films. I just wait for everything to come on cable. It's not that I don't like movies; I love them. I'm just lazy. However, I made an exception yesterday to see one of my very favorite movies, Paper Moon, on the big screen at the Castro Theatre. The Castro hosted a Peter Bogdonavich retrospective this weekend, and Mr Bogdonavich, himself, was even there to introduce the film.

After being charmed by the so-lovely Paper Moon, Tom and I went for tacos followed by cocktails at the Attic. The DJ's at the Attic last night were spinning awesome music, helping it regain it's position as my new favorite bar. I actually didn't drink last night, so only Tom indulged in the $5 Chimay, but the music and the atmosphere were good enough for me.

And tonight, after enjoying an extra hour of evening sunlight, I intend to soak up a few episodes of "In Treatment" on HBO and go to bed early. Tihanna and I are going to the spa tomorrow morning in advance of her move to Texas on Wednesday; so I have to rest up.

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