Tuesday, March 04, 2008

To Quote Diablo Cody...

... when she won her Academy Award last month: "What is going on here?!"

No update for six days?!? Okay, that's less than a week, but still, I feel like a big league slacker. My apologies, dear readers. While I wouldn't be so arrogant (or delusional) as to assume you hang on my every word, I do know that a few loyal souls check this space regularly. And frequently. So allow me to atone for my sins and write some nuggets of brilliance.

Or something.

First and foremost, a terrible fate has befallen me! This is a tragedy of gargantuan proportions. A turn of events so dismal, I don't know how I'll muddle through! (Gosh, am I dramatic or what? Clearly, I never should have quit acting.) What is causing my consternation, you may ask? Well. Rosa has told me that she won't be able to play music for a while due to work commitments. That's right, I temporarily have lost my open mic partner.

What's an aspiring chanteuse to do?

Well, it is with a heavy heart that I have begun looking for a new guitarist. Worry not, the Sub Rosas are still very much together and will play again, but I need to keep my singing going and my voice in shape. So I've been putting out feelers for any musicians willing to play 60's pop and 80's new wave/pop music. I have a few leads already, but it won't be the same as the Rosa-Melissa musical domination combo. Ah, well.

However, I will be able to console myself quite handily at my new favorite place in the world: the Burke Williams Spa. Burke Williams is the most luxurious spa I have ever been to in my life. I went there last Thursday, and I will never be the same. In a good way. This place takes pampering to a level I imagine as reserved for royalty. I have frequented the same spa for the last six years, but Burke Williams may have stolen my heart. What can I say? Loyalty only goes so far when it comes to relaxation.

That's about all from here. I'm annoyed about something happening at work right now, but I'm aware that perhaps I'm being a little unreasonable. But not really. But kind of. But not really. You can see how this situation is sitting in my brain. Imagine what a restful night's sleep I'm going to get tonight.

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