Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Road to Rock Stardom

This is what I believe I would look like if I were a rock star.

While it is very unlikely I actually will become a rock star, or any kind of music star, I am one step closer. I don't want to jinx anything by telling you too much, but... The Sub Rosas have a gig! I'm not talking three songs at an open mic or playing for my co-workers at Doug's house; I mean a real, honest to goodness gig. With a full set and (theoretically) people we don't know in the audience. This may prove to be The Sub Rosas last dying breath as Rosa moves on to other projects, but still. What a way to go.

Again, I don't want to risk ruining everything by spilling too many beans, but suffice it to say a date has been confirmed with the venue, and Rosa and I will soon go about the business of creating our playlist. I'll update you on this anticipated moment in music history as more particulars are solidified. And if you know me personally, I'll expect to see you there.

(I am so excited!)

On an unrelated topic, I am exhausted today. I went to a super fun party last night and stayed up way too late. Let me tell you, after being out until about 2 a.m., 8:15 came awfully early this morning. I was smart enough not to drink, though. So I'm only fatigued, as opposed to hungover. How much fun was this party? I have two words for you: bunny dance. Make of that what you will (but this is still me, so nothing terribly dirty is involved).

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terry said...

details, please... so i can clear my calendar...

or maybe i can make your next gig at blondies!