Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lessons of the New Year

Not yet a week old, 2007 seems to hold some valuable lessons already. I'll share a couple of nuggets with you.

1. Never underestimate the wisdom of strippers. There is a small clothing store on Grant Avenue in North Beach apparently frequented by the neighborhood strippers. (If you are not a San Franciscan, I'll tell you that the historic North Beach is home not only to charming shops, delicious restaurants and the legacy of the Beat poets, but one of the city's more prominent red light districts.) In fact, I believe strippers even get a discount at this particular boutique. The narrow-minded snob in me would immediately dismiss any store that holds an appeal to strippers as skanky, but much of the clothing offered is actually very cute. It's funky but accessible with a vintage feel. Plus, it's super cheap. Now, you do get what you pay for, so I'm not talking the best made clothes in the world, but the pieces are well worth their prices. Today I bought the cutest black and white polka-dotted dress that looks like something out of the late 40's or early 50's. I'd pay at least $100 for a dress like this at any of the other clothing stores I patronize. My price in North Beach: $41, tax included.

Those strippers really know their stuff.

2. The definition of "compromise" in the male vocabulary. Some of the recent drama endured by my fake band has given me some new insight into the minds of men when it comes to negotiating conflict. I absolutely hate gross generalizations of any kind, so I will say right now that I am not talking about all men here. In fact, I am not even talking about all the men in Fake Band; just one or two. Okay, maybe three. And keep in mind, I am the only woman in Fake Band, and there are six men. We had a recent argument (referenced on this space a few posts ago), and I learned that to some men compromise means this: I won't do what you want, but I will offer you the opportunity to do what I want. That sounds fair, right? And to think they were surprised that I continued to argue with them. I will say that even though I do not believe all men think this way, I have related the fake band fight story to a few of my female friends who are/have been married or in rather lengthy relationships, and suffice it to say that none of them were the least bit surprised by the boys' behavior.

I'm going to remember the fake band fight the next time I'm moping about being single.

One bit of wisdom that I have held for several years now but continues to be true is the knowledge of how much fun can be had at Favorite Bar. Terry and I met there last night for a cocktail or four, and it was, of course, an excellent time. We didn't stay late enough to be annoyed by the Friday night amateur crowd, thank goodness, because I had to scoot to a party at Jack's place across town. Jack is moving to New York at the end of the month, and this party was one of several opportunities to celebrate with him for the "last" time. It was very fun, though, and I got a chance to see my friend Wendy, whom I don't think I've seen since early September.... when Jack had several going-away gatherings before leaving for a two-and-a-half month trip to Asia.

Tonight I would be at my friend Doug's 30th birthday party, but I am instead at work. Ah, what are you gonna do? I have to pay for those new dresses somehow.


terry said...

i believe i had four or 17 sidecars.

they were yummy.

and the company was great, too. good fun!

Fabulous Patti said...

I wasn't invited to Jack's going away. After I made him dinner on Christmas and everything... Well, whatever.