Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Pampering Begins Here

Yay, it's my "weekend"! So what, might you ask, will I do with my mid-week days off?

Well, in about an hour I am taking myself to the spa. On this visit, I'm indulging in a facial instead of a massage, body scrub or healing treatment. Nutty, I know, but my pores will appreciate it. The facial will come after I've worked up a good sweat on the spa cardio equipment, lounged in the sauna and steam room and luxuriated by the pool. I may even be completely decadent and order a poolside lunch. Just because I can.

Do you think it would be okay if I moved into the spa? I wonder what rent there would be like...

After the spa, I'm going to dinner at Street (yum) with Ann Marie, and then I'll be meeting Helen for cocktails. Helen and I have a lot of catching up to do. She just broke up with her boyfriend (again) and wants to share the details.

Tomorrow I have my singing lesson in the afternoon, followed by band rehearsal in the evening. Fake Band is playing a show in just over three weeks, and then we're going on tour. Well, not exactly, but we will be performing in L.A. on March 2nd. We're rather in demand for a fake band. Please come see us if you're in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Or don your bell-bottoms, jump into your VW bus and drive west. We certainly would welcome some Grateful Dead-style groupies.

Then on Friday it's back to work. I love my job, but the idea of a fresh work week seems very boring to me right now.


I have just returned from my luscious spa day, and I must say: I think the facial is my new favorite spa treatment. I'd had a facial before, but it was nothing like this one. First of all, the spa version is not so much a facial, as it is a self esteem boost. My aesthetician kept telling me how wonderful and well-balanced my skin is. I'd never thought of my skin as all that great, but I'll take the compliments. In addition to this ego-building, skin-soothing goodness, I was treated to mini shoulder and hand massages, and I got to wear those weird, electric hand-warming glove thingies. And the products the aesthetician used were beautiful and have left my skin all soft and radiant.

The only rub is that after the facial, they managed to talk me into buying some of the aforementioned products, and they were not exactly cheap. But I am so happy, I don't care. In fact, I think I have happiness bursting from my newly-cleaned pores.

If I were wealthy, I'd go to the spa every week. Maybe every day.

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erin said...

Hey Sassy, elastic future has another show that just opened, called Beautiful. You reviewed some of our past shows, so we'd like to know if you want a press comp?