Saturday, January 13, 2007

Theatre That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 12 (Followed By a Trip Uptown)

Elastic Future's The Greek Play at Root Division

I think Elastic Future may be my new favorite small theatre company. The brilliant minds that brought you the Pixies play last year now take on ancient mythology in The Greek Play. My friend Carolyn, who plays Cassandra in a stand out performance (yes, she's my friend, but she really is very, very good), actually undersold this show to me. She described it as weird, so I didn't think I'd like it. But it is actually a rather enjoyable show, and I wouldn't even call it weird. There is a lot of sex in it, but there was a lot of sex in ancient Greek culture, wasn't there? Besides, sex isn't weird. At least not the sex I'm familiar with. Anyway, one scene plays like ancient Greece meets Studio 54, but that just shows you inspired the piece is.

Plus, there is free wine for the audience. And the play is performed in an art gallery where you can sit on pillows while you watch. I opted for a chair, but that's because I was wearing a skirt and high-heeled boots. The guy who plays Agamemnon has the best part, in my opinion. He just sleeps on a couch while the audience gathers and during the opening scene of the play is stabbed by Clytemnestra. After that, he gets to watch the action until he returns as one of the walking dead later on.

By the way, is it wrong that after seeing this show, I now totally want to be the goddess Athena?

After the play, Carolyn and I took a walk up the street for drinks at the Uptown. I have been to the charmingly divey Uptown several times before, but I have a tendency to forget about it. Probably because it's on a slightly scary block in the Mission. Hey, no place is perfect. Carolyn and I caught up over Trumers in pilsner glasses while the Uptown's excellent juke box serenaded us. That's right, another bar with a great juke box. Once I heard the melodious sounds of "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts" by X and "Skin Deep" by The Stranglers, I was in love. The Uptown has officially been named one of the best places on earth in the Sassy Travel and Socializing Guide.

Good live theatre, stimulating conversation and an outstanding soundtrack. All in all, I'd call that a successful Friday night.

Today, I am doing virtually nothing. Well, I'm doing this. But after crafting this post, I intend to recline on my couch for a couple of hours before I go running and then head to work tonight. I lead quite the life, don't I? I'd like to share this wonder-life with someone, but do you think I'll be able to find a theatre-appreciating audiophile who will leave me to lounge on my couch when I want to and then busy himself while I work occasionally unusual hours? If you meet that guy, feel free to give him my phone number. Thanks.

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