Friday, April 07, 2006

So Cool It Almost Hurts: Theatre That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 3

My friend Carolyn makes me cooler.

Last night I met her for an early dinner, and then we went, on her excellent suggestion, to see the new Elastic Future play, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Deal. This show is a one-two punch of music and theatre that are both making me happy today. It features not only actors living out the script, but a live band playing Pixies and Breeders songs to complement the story. Okay, obviously it's a cover band because the actual Kim Deal, Kelley Deal and Frank Black have not been cast in the show. But the songs are still fantastic, and the musicians do a very good job.

I said in an earlier post that you have to appreciate the cool that is Frank Black. Well, the same definitely goes for the amazing Kim Deal; that goes without saying. And this rock and roll theatre extravaganza does justice to that cool. If you're curious, the show is running at Amnesia (yes, a bar... where else?) in the Mission through April 15th. Of course I was the only person among the hipsters in the audience last night wearing pearls, but what can you do? I'd like to believe I give pearls a sort of cool cachet. Anyway, thank you, Carolyn, for making sure I caught this show.

Today a co-worker of mine called in sick, and I was pulled off the job I was supposed to do so I could fill in for her. It was super-fun, and I ended up getting home two hours earlier than I would have otherwise. So I'm now gearing up to take a happy nap before I meet Emily and Brad later tonight. We're going to dinner and Favorite Bar, but I also hope we make it to a film release party featuring Persephone's Bees, creators of yet more music that makes me happy.

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