Thursday, April 27, 2006

He's Here!

Nephew Baby Sassy made his grand entrance this morning! His full name is Mikey Jet Sassy; doesn't that sound like a superhero? Mikey Jet was born at 6:11 a.m. after 20 hours of labor, which I guess makes my sister-in-law Maki the superhero. To quote my brother Michael's birth announcement: "Mom and baby are just fine. Dad's a wreck." It's a little hard to believe my brother Mike actually has a child, given that he's still, at almost 40 years old, just a big kid himself. I haven't spoken to the new parents yet, but I did hear from my sister, The Fabulous Patti. FP said that she talked to Mike today and promptly told him that Baby Sassy is far cuter than she thought he would be. And that he must get his cuteness from Maki. Ah, family. We Sassys actually do love each other a lot, trust me. FP also told me our brother was considering the names Mikey Boink Sassy and Mikey Pooh Sassy. Seriously. I think everyone is happy they settled on Mikey Jet; he certainly will be when he hits junior high school.

My friend and co-worker Angela also had a baby this week. Her son Luke was born Tuesday morning. This has been a good week for superstar debuts.

Although not producing any new humans, your sassy Gal-Friday About Town had a pretty good couple of days herself. On Wednesday afternoon I met Gretchen and we walked across town to Zeitgeist. You haven't lived if you haven't spent a sunny weekday afternoon sipping Chimay on Zeitgeist's patio. It's a hipster, urban version of heaven. After chatting about work, music and Gretchen's husband (we love you, Paul) for a couple of hours while soaking up the Mission sun, Miss G and I took off to Street on Polk for a delicious dinner of cheeseburgers. Street is a little too high end to actually call them cheeseburgers, but their "ground sirloin" is one of the best cheeseburgers you can find in the City. Delicious.

Today I didn't have any social plans, so I took the opportunity to drop far more money than anticipated on new running shoes and exercise clothes. Endorphin addiction can sometimes be an expensive habit. Then I took another cross-town stroll to the Haight and went record shopping. I love walking across this city; it's actually small enough that I can walk virtually anywhere from home as long as I give myself an hour to an hour and a half.

Tonight I'll be heading to bed early before embarking on another fabulous work week tomorrow. I hope Mikey Jet is having sweet dreams tonight and reveling in his first day on earth.

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