Monday, April 03, 2006

Good Things About Spring

The first good thing is that I left work tonight at 7 p.m., and it was still light outside. I don't care if we lose an hour of sleep, and the people in Hawaii and Arizona think it's weird, I love daylight savings time. Yes, the days would get longer anyway, but there's something a little magical about that first week or so after we set the clocks forward.

Another good thing is baseball season, and today is opening day! As previously proclaimed on this space, baseball is the only sport that matters to me. I don't see the appeal of other games, nor do I understand how anyone could not love baseball. The world is definitely a happier place when pitchers take the mound, the infield fly rule is invoked and my baseball boyfriends return to play.

Both of these things have put me in a rather good mood this evening. Of course, spring also is supposed to mean the end of the rain in the Bay Area, but no such luck this year. However, that's a complaint for another day.

And finally, I end this missive of whimsy with a cautionary tale for anyone who may feel blue about being single. Earlier tonight I got together with a girl friend of mine. She related to me the story of a guy she recently went on one or two dates with. For various reasons, primarily his inebriated condition, he ended up spending one night at her apartment last week, even though they were not actually on a date that night. While she was able to set a solid boundary where fooling around was concerned (in other words, there would be no nookie for him), she was unable to stop him from urinating in her bed. That's right. Granted, my friend certainly isn't interested in this man now. How could she be? But I just have to say: I'd rather be single.


Dan Wilson said...

... peeing in the bed. Part of me wonders... did he just lose bladder control in his sleep? Did he go feral and try to mark his territory? When did she discover this, or was she there as it happened?

but most of me thinks that ignorance is bliss.

Clauds said...

Ok that's the second time in the past month I've heard of someone's date passing out and peeing in their bed. Maybe we have a mutual friend?!

As for the return of the Boys of Summer, while I no longer have access to an abundance of Giants tix, it was enjoyable going last year to the games with you and oggling the players and picking our new baseball boyfriends. As for my own team, the A's I have yet to get out to the Colleseum but have been addicted to it on tv. We'll have to get together and pick our new boyfriends for the year!