Friday, March 31, 2006

Media Night at Favorite Bar

Last night the lovely and talented Gretchen and I decided to meet at Favorite Bar for champagne. And earlier in the afternoon my friend Steve happened to call me asking for a bar recommendation, so he came along as well. I used to work with both Steve and Gretchie, although not at the same job. We took three power seats at the bar and were off and running when a TV guy who worked with Steve years ago and currently works for the same company as Gretchie came in. Between the four of us, it was like media night at Favorite Bar.

A fabulous time was had by all. In fact, I had too fabulous a time. I didn't do anything to embarrass myself and honestly didn't even realize how affected I was by the champagne until I got home. But things went downhill quickly from there.

Sometimes I'm a complete amateur.

So tonight I'm staying in to continue recovering from my champagne adventure and to watch my amazing actor friend Assaf on television. He's got a guest spot on that show "Numbers." I've never seen it before, but then I never had a reason to watch until now. They certainly are lucky Assaf has graced an episode.

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