Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 9

Belle and Sebastian at the San Francisco Concourse

Remember when Roberto Benigni climbed all over the seats at the Academy Awards and proclaimed during his acceptance speech that he wanted to make love to everyone? Well, I feel a similar enthusiasm for Belle and Sebastian. I might have preferred to see them in a more intimate venue, but this group of Scots filled the Concourse at the San Francisco Design Center with their clever melodies Tuesday night. Imagine the Beautiful South combined with the Flying Machine or the Beau Brummels, and you have Belle and Sebastian.

Ann Marie and I found ourselves an elevated spot against the railing and watched the show above the sea of people that was the incredibly large audience. And of course, I ran into three people I know: Nick, Chris and Joo-Eun. I would say that was because I run into people I know every time I go out, but there were so many people there, it would probably have been hard not to run into someone I know. You were likely there, too, weren't you?

It was truly a fabulous show. Do yourself a favor and go out now and get yourself a Belle and Sebastian cd. Now. Really. Go.

Tonight I went with Terry to Berkeley Rep for opening night of Culture Clash's Zorro in Hell. I have great respect for Culture Clash and wanted to love this play, but alas, I can't say that I did. While it features some very funny lines and excellent cultural references, the show is a little long and seems unfocused at times. Of course, I haven't written even one play, let alone been creating works for the stage since 1984... as Culture Clash has done. So who the heck am I to criticize, really.

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Dan Wilson said...

who are you? Why, you're an informed audience member, babe. I mean... that more than qualifies you to make astute observations on the piece.