Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 8

Frank Black at Cafe du Nord

I will come right out and admit that I don't know much... well, any, really... of Frank Black's solo music. But I love the Pixies and have much respect for the cool that is Mr. Black Francis. You've got to respect him. And the Pixies. If you don't, I hate to say it, but you're a moron.

Denise, Paul, Ann Marie, Emily and myself asserted our not-moronic status last night by traipsing over to the super-swell Cafe du Nord and taking in the vocal styling of Mr. Black, who just stood before us and sang as he strummed his guitar. At one point he did call up a keyboardist, but basically, the show was all just him. And it was pretty great, whether you knew any of the songs beforehand or not. And just for the record, if you're looking for age-appropriate, seemingly heterosexual men who also happen to be damn hot, a Frank Black show is apparently the place to find a lot of them. Emily, Ann Marie and I certainly enjoyed the floor show as well as the one happening on stage.

That story told, I should let you know that I am talking to you tonight from Seattle. Sort of. I'm actually in Gig Harbor, about an hour outside of Seattle. I've taken a little holiday and am visiting my dad and his wife. I'll only be here a few days, but this is the first paid vacation I've had in years. I was let go from my last fancy full-time job in December, 2003, and then I spent a year and a half freelancing. I've now been at my current job long enough to cash in some vacation time, and I am stoked. I wiled away my first day in Seattle proper where my dad, his wife and I enjoyed cocktails and snacks at a delicious Caribbean restaurant for happy hour. My dad and I then took off to allow me some tourist time. The Experience Music Project was already closed, but Father Sassy and I did go up to the top of the Space Needle. It was fun, but can someone please tell me what the point of that thing is?

I'm not certain what we'll do for the next few days, but what I do know is that I'll be making money while relaxing in the great Pacific Northwest. Gotta love that arrangement. And I'll especially love it when I visit my mother in Hawaii this summer.

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