Wednesday, March 29, 2006

San Francisco Afternoon

First of all, the Noise Pop show last night was very fun. Ann Marie and I actually missed the first band and most of the second, but the third band was excellent. They're called The Ex-Boyfriends and play quite the fun punk-infused power pop. We were not at all impressed with the headliner, but given that we'd never heard of any of the bands playing, I consider it a success to have found one we enjoyed.

This afternoon I met my friend April (or Lirpa, as I call her) for lunch at the San Francisco Ferry Building. Lirpa and I used to work together, and I remember the day I knew we'd be friends. It was just over four years ago, and I was in some crabby mood about something or another. Lirpa was reading Rolling Stone. At one point I walked out of the studio, and when I returned, I found the lovely Lirpa had cut a photo of Scott Stapp from Creed out of her magazine and posted it right in front of my chair, along with a dialogue bubble reading: "Sassy Hair, I love you. Give me a kiss." Given that Creed is one of my LEAST favorite bands EVER, this visual sent me into hysterics and propelled me out of my stupid bad mood. And the funniest part is that I believe said picture is still posted in that studio, complete with thought bubble, even though I haven't worked there for more than two years.

So Lirpa and I dined at the Slanted Door, where I also had a glass of sparkling wine that reminded me of carbonated, alcoholic fruit punch. It was tasty, but I can't imagine having more than a glass or two of that stuff. And of course Lirpa and I got a chance to catch up about all things in our lives: work, boys, whatever.

After lunch I got some of those delicious French macaroon sandwich cookies at Miette for dessert before I ran a few errands. And to top off a wonderful afternoon, I went to Kate Spade to buy a purse I have been eyeing and found it on sale! Sometimes the little things in life just go my way. Tonight I was thinking of going to see one of the a cappella groups from Brown perform (they're on tour during spring break), but it's so chilly and gloomy outside that I think I'm in for the night. I bought Cadbury Mini Eggs on my way home; what else do I need?

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agi said...

we are just waiting to come out from this raining and to see again this kind of afternoon in SFO