Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fat Tuesday

This year Fat Tuesday has been followed by Hangover Wednesday. Well, I'm not actually hung over, but boy did I do my share of Mardi Gras reveling last night. Truth be told, I just think I'm getting old. I had four glasses of champagne over four hours, and I was dee-runk by the end of the night. I can't party like a 25-year old (or even a 30-year old) anymore.

To add to the fun, it was also my sister's birthday yesterday. The Fabulous Patti turned 47, but she looks about 35. At the oldest. Anyway, I met Fabulous Patti and her friend Lisette at the wine bar in the Ferry Building where we toasted the anniversary of FP's birth over glasses of champagne. Then FP and I took off for Favorite Bar to meet my friend Sheela and her friend Scott. More champagne was consumed as we donned Mardi Gras beads and chatted about travel and film-making. Sounds pretentious, I'm sure, but it was really fun.

Not bad for a Tuesday night, I must say.

And I have a very fancy evening planned for tonight. First I'm going to a Commonwealth Club event. Not one of their usual lectures, but some tony cocktail and dinner thing. I have to leave the dinner early, though, as I'll be meeting my super-talented actress friend Mary, along with Terry and our co-worker Patti (not to be confused with FP, although this Patti is pretty fabulous, too) for the opening night performance of a The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. It's very hard being in such demand.

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terry said...

you are going to have be fabulous at the theatre without me, as i seem to have picked up the crud that's been bouncing around...


but yaay, happy birthday FP!