Monday, March 06, 2006

Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 7

"Catch My Disease" by Ben Lee
I have to give Ben a little love on this space because he is playing tonight at the Great American Music Hall, and I am not there. I could be, as my friends Denise and Paul are going and wanted me to come along. But Monday nights are a bit of a challenge for me since I work a late shift on Sundays and have to be back at work a mere 10 hours later Monday mornings. In other words: I'm pooped and am already in my pajamas, which likely would not be a good look for a concert. Luckily for me, I have seen Ben twice before. In December I caught him at the Independent with the aforementioned Denise and Paul. And about three years ago he captivated a bunch of us Fountains of Wayne fans when he opened for that band at the Fillmore. So I think I'll be okay getting some sleep instead of singing along with cute little Ben's show tonight.

And since the hooky goodness of "Catch My Disease" makes it my favorite little Ben ditty, it gets the specific mention in this volume of music that's making me happy.

In other news, this past weekend I caught up with my college friend Bert's sister Emily (did you follow that?). Emily recently moved to San Francisco for her fancy job, and I had the pleasure of introducing her to Favorite Bar on Friday night. Jack and Helen were there, too, and we all had much fun over many cocktails. Emily even met a gentleman that night. I'm not certain how long their connection will continue, but the magic of Favorite Bar is powerful. Even if only for one night or so.

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terry said...

hey, i've seen stranger things than PJs at concerts... and i'm sure you have too!
maybe we could start a trend. would certainly be more comfy...