Sunday, March 19, 2006

Welcome Home

I have made it back home safely, but I thought I'd post one more photo from my jaunt up north. This is me and Father Sassy at the waterfront in Tacoma Friday evening. Father Sassy is not the world's tallest man, is he?

My mini-vacation was fun, but I'm very glad to be home. Last night I celebrated my safe passage from Washington state back to San Francisco over champagne at Favorite Bar. I was joined by my friends Tom and Chris, and we chatted and laughed and watched Tom drink too many Manhattans. I love drunk Tom, so that was a true bonus.

But today it was back to the salt mine. Luckily Sunday is my favorite work day. I have three different jobs at work, and I enjoy the one I do on Sunday best. Plus I worked an earlier shift today, so I'm already home. I have to rest up because I have a big week ahead of me: the Belle and Sebastian show, the Culture Clash show at Berkeley Rep, my friend Stephanie's play and meeting Sheela, her husband and some other friends for cocktails. Oh, and at some point during all that I have to go to work and go over my taxes with my accountant. It's very inconvenient when responsibilities take energy and time away from socializing.

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terry said...

awww, look how cute father sassy is... even if he's not all that tall.