Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You Know Too Many People When...

Or this post could be titled: "You Go Out Too Much When..."

So this being my "Saturday" night, the Lovely Laino and I went out. First we hit a totally dead bar... at my request. I was doing a little research for a writing project I'm taking on. After one drink at Dead Bar, we went to the Balboa Cafe. There we ran into the Head Boss from work, a guy who works at our sister station, a former trainer at my gym and a former co-worker of ours. All at the Balboa. I would expect this kind of thing at Favorite Bar, but I rarely ever go to the Balboa.

Clearly, I have lived in San Francisco too long. But I love it. By the way, other than running into a bunch of people we knew, the Balboa was boring. Or more accurately, it was full of boring boys we didn't having any interest in meeting. Yawn.

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terry said...

you can't go ANYWHERE without running into at least one person you know!

and eeuw. the balboa. eeuw.