Sunday, March 26, 2006

Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 10

"Crush Story" by Too Much Joy

This song is so cute and so accurately describes what it's like to be crazy about someone ("Everything you've ever said is brilliant... Anything you want to do is fine with me..."). I own this ditty on cd and have heard it a million times. But while driving around for work yesterday, I was listening to Live 105, and the DJ said: "If you were in college in 1991, you were probably singing along with this song" before she played "Crush Story." Not only was she very right, but I don't think I've heard it on the radio since 1991. Well, it may be 2006, but yesterday I sang along with Tim Quirk's lyrics with a gusto that rivaled anything that clown in Pagliacci has mustered. I'm loading this song into my iPod today.

After work last night, I went to Medjool where I met Sheela, her husband Ben, our friend Maya and some other friends of Sheela's. I spend so much time at Favorite Bar, I have completely forgotten what it's like to spend a Saturday night in an overly crowded, trendy nightspot filled with scantily clad women and bug-eyed boys. When I left (before midnight, by the way; I'm getting old) there was a line of potential Saturday-night Medjool denizens outside the door that stretched down the block. Even though I'd just spent two hours there, I had to wonder what all these people were waiting patiently to find inside. Regardless of the trendiness and the crowd, I still had fun with my friends. Sheela and I giggled and devised evil plans all night... just like any good girls would.

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