Sunday, January 07, 2007

Maybe She Could Play Me In A Movie

Last night a cab driver paid me a lovely compliment; he told me I look just like Sonia Braga. This is her to the right.

Personally, I don't think she looks like me at all, but it's always fun to be told you resemble a celebrity. Below is a photo of me, should you wish to compare and contrast. I have been told before that I look Brazilian, so I suppose the comparison to a Brazilian actress isn't out of left field.

Perhaps if they ever make a movie of my life Sonia Braga could take the lead role. I used to say that Gloria Ruben (Jeannie Boulet on ER about ten years ago) would play me in the Sassy bio-pic because we have similar features, and she also has freckles. But her skin is darker than mine. Then I decided that Lauren Graham (Lorelei on Gilmore Girls and another be-freckled actress) could portray the complex and fascinating character that is me. But she is probably too pale.

So maybe Sonia would be the best compromise, even though I would have never thought of her, myself. Now that I think about it, my friend Karyn from college, whom you may have seen on MTV, Vh1, fX and TLC over the years, could type into the role of me. She doesn't really look that much like me, either, but we have the same hair and a similar skin tone.

Of course, any movie about my life would be slightly on the dull side, so whatever actress plays me would have to spice things up just a bit. The film would have a really cool soundtrack, though. Everything from the Beatles and Monkees to the Go-Go's and Bangles to the English Beat and Specials to the Beautiful South and X to Tippy Canoe and Bart Davenport. Okay, now that I've considered the music, I can't wait for this film to be released.

These are some amazing thoughts I'm having this morning, aren't they?

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Fabulous Patti said...

Sonia Braga is about 20 years older than you. So maybe you could play her younger self in a biopic. Sonia Braga is a wonderful actor, I'm sure her biopic would be interesting. As would her younger self, I bet. The fact that she was most recently on Ghost Whisperer only shows how talent continues to be wasted.