Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Garden Party Extraordinaire

I went to the most fabulous party Sunday afternoon.

My friend (and sort-of former boss) Charly and his partner Jon have a party every Earth Day. For whatever reason, this is the first year I have been able to attend, and let me tell you, I got a taste of what I have been missing. For one thing, Charly and Jon have a fabulous home, and they recently landscaped their backyard. Hence, the whole garden aspect of the affair. There was also wine, but between my two-day-a-week alcohol rule and the fact that I had to work later in the evening, I couldn't indulge.

However, I could eat.

According to my friend Kevin, Charly hired someone named Mimi, who apparently catered Christina Aguilera's wedding, to feed all of us at the garden party. I have no interest in being a mainstream pop star, but I'm happy to eat like one. And boy, were those snacks delicious. Have you ever had beet ravioli? Sounds gross, huh? Well it's not, it is sublime. I had two servings and would have gone for more, had there not been other delectables to enjoy. Cheese, Caesar salad cups, asparagus, house made potato chips and super yummy chilled pea soup.

I could have hung out at the snack table all afternoon, but the desserts were outside. For me to describe all the phenomenal desserts, and they were all phenomenal, would be torture for you. So I'll merely mention one: butterscotch shooters. That's correct. I think heaven tastes like a butterscotch shooter.

I know it's Wednesday afternoon, but I am still thinking about the food at Charly's party. Maybe I'll have Mimi cater my wedding. Hell, maybe I'll get married just to have Mimi's food at my wedding.

This morning I had rehearsal for my little acting project. I am doing a couple of scenes from the film Full Frontal for a some student directors at the Academy of Art. Larry, the student director I met with this morning, is one serious flirt. He's not really my type, not to mention he's all of 25, and technically I'm working for him, but I confess I enjoy the attention. He's a youngster but super cute.

Scrumptious snacks and charming men. Is this what they mean by the good life?


terry said...

damn, you're making me even MORE sad that i didn't make it to the party!

then again... it sounds like lots of food i wouldn't be able to eat.

so that's what i'll tell myself, when i'm bumming about not being there...

Sassy Hair said...

You could have had the wine. I'm just saying...

terry said...

damn. damn damn.